Tabitha's Story

The Beginning

As a child I was physically neglected, abused and emotionally abandoned by my mother who struggled with drug addiction and alcoholism. By the time I was nine years old the authorities were called and my father was given full custody of me. My world had completely changed and while my father did his very best, I was a troubled child. I did not trust easily, my communication skills were impaired, I did not do well in school, I did not make friends and for a period of time I was bullied or was bullying. In short, I was lost.

Adult Life

At nineteen I moved out to live on my own. Headstrong and ready to take on the world I found a crappy little apartment, bought used furniture, held a few steady jobs, fell in love a couple times and got a dog, her name was Diva, she loved me and I was happy, or so I thought.

By the time I was thirty, Diva was gone, I had a string of unhealthy relationships in my rearview, a job I barely took seriously, the same crappy apartment, more used furniture, and oh yeah, I had gained fifty pounds. I was not happy.

"Don't give in to your fears. If you do, you won't be able to talk to your heart."

~"The Alchemist", Paulo Coelho


I was up and down in life. I would throw myself into Self-Help books, fad diets, crazy exercise routines, chaotic relationships, and self-sabotage. I would crash land with the smallest of disappointments then claw myself back, only to fall harder the next time. The pattern had become familiar and comfortable and still, I was lost. Real change would not come until I was lying in a heap on my bathroom floor in 2011. With tears streaming down my face I knew I had to do something different. I was ready for change, real change.


She walked into my living room in the fall of 2011, a friend of a friend, her name was Thea and she was a hypnotherapist. After seeing her for a few sessions I noticed the difference. Change was here and it was beautiful. The following year I ended my unhealthy relationship patterns, improved at work, lost thirty pounds, got rid of the old used furniture, got a new dog and began school to become a hypnotherapist. I wanted to share what I had learned with as many people as I could and I was happy.

I opened my first Hypnotherapy office in Tarzana in November of 2012 and later, my second practice in Atwater Village in May of 2013. That same year I also became a Reiki practitioner.


I keep myself balanced by regularly seeing my own hypnotherapist/mentor, practicing Bikram Yoga, receiving Reiki, surrounding myself with positive family and friends and living in the present. I believe in hypnotherapy, my clients and myself. Life is beautiful.

Infinite Well Hypnosis
Tabitha Nieto, C.Ht

Let's connect!

I worked with Tabitha when she first started her practice in Tarzana. I was her first client which amazed me because she was so confident in her abilities. She helped me with my relationship problems and the weight issues I had been having for years. She also made me feel like we were a team, and together we worked through all the concerns I was having with my life. Eventually, through hypnotherapy and our hard work, I was able to understand the real causes of my problems and we were able to solve them. The changes have stuck. Thank you, Tabitha and Infinite Well Hypnosis, for everything.


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